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Deep Learning, IoT Sensor Data…and Bats!

15th of September, 2014

At the very center of Internet of Things excitement is the sensor. Not just one sensor, mind you, but a sensor that normally would just be sending a data stream to who knows where would now have access to the information from another sensor measuring something completely different. Now imagine your entire office building awash […]

IoT Boston skyline in abstract signal

Boston (You’re My IoT Startup Home)

23rd of October, 2013

This is my first post in over two years. Slacker. In that 24-month gap I wrapped up my PhD in computational neuroscience, helped jumpstart “brains for bots” startup Neurala, and consulted for some amazing Boston tech companies in Cambridge this year. What I’ve learned in the past few years is that Boston has a vibrant and exciting startup community that is thriving! Whether it’s the cream of the crop at TechStars and the rest of Kendall Square or the buzz around Boston’s Innovation District, there is a lot happening in this city.

One especially cool tech trend is the number of VCs and angels starting to invest in hardware again. Accelerators like Bolt and R/GA Connected Devices, coupled with the popularity of Arduinos and 3D printing, are just a few good signs that beautiful new hardware products are heading our way. And now we get to the central point of why I’m writing blog posts again after a long hiatus. I’ve  become obsessed with the Internet of Things (or IoT for short). Heavy hitters like IBM, Cisco and Xively are salivating over market forecasts into the trillions, but the real intrigue is how IoT can, ironically, start to recede technology into the background.