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The future is drying up

22nd of May, 2011

NOTE: This post was originally created for Neurdon — a site created by a few nerds in my department (myself included) that is dedicated to neuroscience and technology. Visit Neurdon if you are indeed awesome.

A few months ago, a neuromarketing firm, NeuroFocus, announced to the world the first wireless full brain coverage dry EEG cap — Mynd. The heavens parted and the brain-computer interface (BCI) community bowed before this humble offering of EEG cap which doth not requireth copious amounts of electrode goo. And it was good.

consilient living.

20th of March, 2011

Writing one’s first blog post, despite an utter lack of readership base, is a daunting task. The words a person chooses to be their initial point of contact with other people says a mouthful (wordful?) about that person’s worldview, their method or even purpose for living. Okay, it’s just a blog, right, but there is […]